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HPS "criteria" for küpuna is that they were born in 1932 or before and must have had hula as a part of their lives. It is not necessary that they have actively or continuously taught throughout the years; just that they have learned hula at some point.

All küpuna documentation sessions are videotaped using digital cameras and wireless microphones. In this manner, future generations will be able to hear their authentic voices, feel their unique spirits, and grow in aloha for our beloved elders long after they have passed on.

HPS' documentation method is multi-faceted and ongoing. It begins with an initial individual interview where basic information is gathered on their hula training, performance experiences, thoughts and opinions on hula, favorite hulas, and background on their families and upbringing.

After the initial interview, followup sessions are scheduled to continue the gathering and documentation process. Over time, more details of the kupuna and his or her life are collected and added to the database. We also look for opportunities to document them in other modes, such as a performance, workshop, rehearsal, lecture, or an event where they are being honored. Whatever the case, we try to be there to capture all the precious moments and create a digital legacy of their influential lives and special contributions.

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