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Kauhi, Emma Kapünohu`ulaokalani

Kupuna Name:
Kauhi, Emma Kapünohu`ulaokalani
Middle Names and Meaning:
Kapünohu`ulaokalani, Ka`öhai`ulaokalani, Ka`önohi`ulaokalani ( The Red Rising Mist of Heaven, The Royal Poinciana - The Bright Red Canopy of Flowers of Heavens, The Cloud with Red Hues of Rainbow in the Heavens )
Birthday: 1916
Birth Place: Kapa`ahu, Hawai`i island

Brief Biographical Summary:
Emma Kauhi was born and raised in Kapa`ahu on the island of Hawai`i. She was raised by her grandparents, the Konanui's, speaking Hawaiian as her first language. Life was hard and days were long, filled with work to keep food on the table, because if you were lazy, you would go hungry. After the work was done, then music filled the air. As a child in Puna, she learned hula from her Aunt He`eia, and later studied with Joseph Kaha`ulëlio, Lilian Vincent, and Ray Fonseca. At age 19, Emma married Herman Kauhi and had four sons. She worked as a licensed practical nurse in Honolulu and California and, after returning to Hawai`i island, worked with the `Aha Pünana Leo Hawaiian Language Immersion Program. She enjoys dancing with Alu Like's Ke Ola Pono Kupuna in Keaukaha.

Auntie Emma sharing a hula, Maliapukaokalani Church, Keaukaha, 2001

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