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Holokai, George Ainsley Kananiokeakua

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Kupuna Name:
Holokai, George Ainsley Kananiokeakua
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Middle Names and Meaning:
Kananiokeakua ( The beauty of god )
Birthday: July 2, 1930
Birth Place: Honolulu

Brief Biographical Summary:
George Holokai was born on July 2, 1930 in Honolulu. He was a student and later alaka`i of Tom Hiona, whose hula studio was located on Beretania Street in the 1940's and 50's. In 1955, Kumu Lillian Maka`ena selected him to impart her knowledge to before she died. While studying with Kumu Maka`ena, he was forbidden to drink alcohol or marry. He also studied informally under Mary Kawena Puku`i, Pat Namaka Bacon, Pele Suganuma, and Daddy Bray. He considers his hula today to be an extension of the Tom Hiona style.

George Holokai sharing his love of hula, Honolulu, 2002
Uncle George chanting a Hula Pahu "`Au`a `Ia"
Kumu Hula George Holokai
Uncle George instructing at hula workshop

Chants Discussed
Ho`i Kealoha i Ni`ihau (Love returns to Ni`ihau)

Hula Types Discussed
Hula Ali`i (Dance for chief or monarch)
Hula Wahi Pana (Dance for legendary or historic places)

Implements/Instruments Discussed
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