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Welcome to the section of the Hula Kahiko Research Library PROTOTYPE on Ancient Hula Types. Here you can learn about the many variations of what is now called "hula kahiko," or ancient hula.

It is important to remember that a "type" of hula is different than a "style." Each hula tradition in existence has its own "style," which includes a school's particular way of executing basic steps and interpreting chants and songs. A "type," on the other hand, is more generic and can cross lines of tradition.

For example, 10 hula schools could all dance the hula type "Hula `Ïlio" or dog hula. Yet each could have its own unique chant and way of executing the movements to comprise the general type known as "Hula `Ïlio".

Included in this section of the Hula Kahiko Research Library PROTOTYPE are generic types of hula kahiko as well as küpuna insights into their own characteristic styles and traditions related to specific hula types.


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