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Chant Name:
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Pua`a (Pig)

First Line :
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A ke, e holo nei i ka pua`a

Content Categories :
Ali`i (chiefs, chiefesses)
Aloha (love)
Holoholona (animals)
Mo`olelo (legends and myths)
Nä Akua (gods and goddesses)
Pä`ani (games, pastimes, sport)
Pele `Ohana (volcano goddess and family)
Wahi Pana (legendary places)

Chant Text (Hawaiian): Chant Text (English):
A te, e holo nei i ta pua`a

A te, inu i ta wai

A te, `ai ana ta pua`a, pöloli paha

A te, i tu iluna ta pua`a, mömona teia ta pua`a

A te, e holo nei i ta pua`a

[hele! hele!]
(Call), the pig goes

(Call), drink water

(Call), the pig eats, full yet?

(Call), the pig stands up, the pig is fat!


(Call), the pig goes

[go, go!]

Source of Chant & Translation:
Nona Beamer Collection

Published Research Sources: 

Additional Notes :
In 1997, a CD was released entitled "World Sounds: Hawaiian Chant, The Lyrical Poetry of Hawai`i" with lead chanter Kumu Hula John Keolamaka`ainanakalahuiokalani Lake. It contains 29 chant recordings of him and his group of accomplished chanters known as "Na Wa`a Lalani Kahuna." Track 5 is a pig chant and the notes explain it "celebrates the hula student's graduation, during which the master prepares a 'pua`a hiwa' (small black pig)." The chant recording is 45 seconds long.

The CD was produced by Victor Entertainment Inc. and distributed by Sire Records Group Inc.

Background on Chant :
This particular pig chant was created by Helen Desha Beamer for her granddaughter, Nona Beamer, to learn a Hula Pua`a (pig dance) when she was a child. Please consult Nona Beamer in the "Kupuna" section below for complete details on how the Hula Pua`a came about and her performance of the pig dance.

Nona Beamer doing the pig's call "A te," 2000
Nona Beamer dancing "inu i ta wai," 2000

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Beamer, Nona Kapuailohiamanonokalani Desha

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