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Chant Name:
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Holo Ana `O Kaläkaua (Kaläkaua is sailing)

First Line :
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Holoana `o Kaläkaua e `imi i ka pono nä moku

Content Categories :
Ali`i (chiefs, chiefesses)
Aloha (love)
Holoholona (animals)
Mo`olelo (legends and myths)
Nä Akua (gods and goddesses)
Pä`ani (games, pastimes, sport)
Pele `Ohana (volcano goddess and family)
Wahi Pana (legendary places)

Chant Text (Hawaiian): Chant Text (English):
Holo ana `o Kaläkaua
E `imi i ka pono nä moku
I Kahiki ä ho`i mai
I Kahiki a`o Pelekane
Mai Kahiki a wäwae pahu

I ka `ohe kä`eke`eke
I ka pahu kani a Lono
`O Lonoikamakahiki
Ho`oheihei kani moana

Kani Häwea pahu ali`i
E ö mai e ka lani
`O Kaläkaua nö he inoa

He inoa no Kalani Käwika Kaläkaua
Kaläkaua is sailing
To seek certain rights for the islands
To Kahiki and return
To the foreign land of England
Coming from foreign lands with the wäwae pahu
And the bamboo pipes
And the resounding drum of the god Lono
Lono the yearly one
Beaten and resounding where the chiefs gather
Sounds Häwea the royal drum
Answer chief
To your name Kaläkaua

In the name of chief David Kaläkaua

Source of Chant & Translation:
Nona Beamer Collection

Published Research Sources: 

Nä Mele Hula volume 1 (Beamer)
- Pages 32-33 document Beamer's writeup on King Kaläkaua and this chant in particular. It is noted as Hula Kä`eke`eke and Hula Pa`i Umauma. Her chant melody is also provided.

Hula Pahu volume 2 (Tatar)
- Page 27 gives background on the origin of this 1874 composition. Page 271 notes a 1974 sound recording by Ka`upena Wong. Pages 290-291 give Puku`i's 1955 introduction of this chant at a museum program where Wong performed it as a Hula Kä`eke`eke.

Sacred Hula: The Historical Hula `Äla`apapa (Stillman)
- Page 42 provides a chart of Hula Ki`elei from Lili`uokalani's Book of Chants. Holoana is listed as a Hula `Aiha`a that has 12 lines.

Papa Kuhikuhi (Kaläkaua's Coronation Program)
- This chant is listed under the first part of Kumu Kaonowai's section and reads "Holo ana Kalakaua imi i ka Pono o na Moku." It is noted as Aihaa (`Aiha`a).

Additional Notes :
None at this time.

Background on Chant :
This chant was composed in 1874 and is in the general class of Hula Ali`i (dances for royalty). Kaläkaua was king of the sovereign nation of Hawai`i from 1874 - 1891. He was a Renaissance man who traveled the world, published books, composed songs, built a royal palace, and placed hula back in a position of esteem and respect when he called for hula to be a part of his Coronation festivities in 1883. Over 200 individual performances of chant and dance were held on February 24th. The complete listing of presentations by the seven Kumu Hula involved can be found in the "Papa Kuhikuhi", reproduced in two books referenced here. "Hula: Historical Perspectives" and "Sacred Hula." The former gives details of the festivities and Kaläkaua's contributions to the revival of hula on pages 50-55.

Please see "Published Sources" section above for greater detail on where to find what research is available. Visuals are part of the Hawai`i State Archives Collection.

Please also consult the "Kupuna" section at bottom to read and hear what our elders have to share.

King David Kaläkaua

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Hula Ali`i (Dance for chief or monarch)
Hula Kä`eke`eke (Dance with bamboo pipes)

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Kä`eke`eke (Bamboo pipe)

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Beamer, Nona Kapuailohiamanonokalani Desha

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