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Bekeart shares her memories of the chant Lili`u E.
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Edna Farden Bekeart
Kahana, 2002
In this clip, Auntie Edna shares her childhood memory of learning to dance "Lili`u E" with her sister and Kumu Hula Emma Sharpe.
Length: 0:56

EDNA FARDEN BEKEART: Emma taught me the hula at Puamana with these two other Haole kids. Um...of course, we were stiff as boards, didn't know how to hula at all. [CHUCKLES] And it was Lili`u E. And I remember her telling me, or telling us, Well, this is about um, about the Queen. But when she was a little baby, when she was a child, and people loved to fondle her and-and she had such pretty cheeks and beautiful eyes, and a very pretty body, and people loved to hug her. That's how she-what she told me. Um, anyway, uh, so when we danced Lili`u E, we thought about this baby, this child, you know. And I thought that was a very nice way to introduce the hula.

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