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Hale Pulelehua
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Pele Experiences:
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Rhea Akoi
Keaukaha, 2001
In this clip, Auntie Rhea shares her beliefs and stories about the goddess Pele.
Length: 1:32

RHEA AKOI: What was I taught about Pele? Mary didn't delve into too much a worship thing. She delved uh, she ... uh, her thing was to honor. Not that we were going to worship Pele. We reenact-uh, reenact, honoring her as one of the deities of old Hawai`i. Um, but there were those superstitions. That you do not carry kälua pig ... Up to the volcano. And-and uh ... things happened, you know. There were accidents. Yeah, there-there-there were accidents when someone was-uh, and-and after we would have that ceremony at the volcano, I remember us going down to one of the camps to eat down there. Now, I don't-I think the man kälua'd the pig there. Because nobody was allowed to carry the kälua pig up on their car. But I remember there was one incident where someone did get into an accident with the pig on his car.

Songs Composed:
Rhea Akoi: "I Wished On a Falling Star" - (audio currently not available)
Rhea Akoi: "Magic Moon" - (audio currently not available)

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