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Hale Pulelehua
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Conversations on Own Halau:
Not relevant.

Future of Own Tradition:
Clip currently under production.

Opinions of Hula Today:
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Laua`e Yung
Keaukaha, 2001
In this clip, Auntie Laua`e expresses her opinions of modern hula.
Length: 1:14

LAUA`E YUNG: And the hula is ... uh, now the modern hula is so much different from before. I've been watching TV for the hula from Honolulu. Oh, beautiful. Their eyes on their hands all the time. No matter if it goes from the mountain down to the sea. And that's what I like about ... all dancers when I see that. I go, Oh, so beautiful. Not-up here, you looking some place else, you know. Ah, don't make sense. And I going, Oh, no. And so when I get a chance to talk to some of the malihini's, when they come on ship and they want to know, it's your hands that tell the story. See. And your eyes, you know. I-you know, don't put the sky up there and you looking down earth, you know. All that kinda thing, we gotta tell them. And they're so interested in the hula. So when they go on board ship, the first thing we grab them are this-they're gonna learn the hula. Some don't want to. Some want to. Come on, that's free lesson. [LAUGHS] And then ... and they love to learn. Once they want to learn, oh my goodness. They don't want to stop!

Opinions of Hula Competitions:
Clip currently under production.

Advice for Young Dancers:
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Laua`e Yung
Keaukaha, 2001
In this clip, Auntie Laua`e shares the advice she learned from her mother, Rose Kuamo`o, when it came to hula.
Length: 1:06

LAUA`E YUNG: And this is what my mother used to stress. If you're not the type that smiles-you know, sometimes they get all ha`alulu. Nervous. They so scared to even blink or smile. She said, know your words, even if they're Hawaiian or English, sing it to you. You don't-you don't have to let everybody know and hear your voice. But sing your words, sing, and automatically you'll smile. And that's what I ... do this to the kupuna's here. Sometime they so tense they not smiling. They get all ... I don't know maybe they have a problem or what. You know, leave it at home. And when kupuna's smile, um, to make you smile, know your words. Sing it. And automatically, you'll smile. And one thing my mother did too, before she started anything, she would say prayer first. And that's what we do now too. Before we start our entertainment. You say prayer.
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