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Hale Pulelehua
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Hula Lineage:
Clip currently under production.

Brief info:
Helen Desha Beamer (first teacher)
Louise Leiomalama Beamer (primary teacher)

Comments on Own Hula Training:
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First Hula Memory:
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Leilehua Becker Furtado
Honolulu, 2002
In this clip, Auntie Lei shares her early hula memories with family.
Length: 2:38

MAILE LOO: What was your first memory of seeing hula?

LEI BECKER FURTADO: I don't have any- of first seeing hula. I just accepted it as part of the family. And uh, you know, in our family there was always singing and dancing. So when you grow up with it as a part of...speaking--whatever, it just is there. You don't remember where it started. Like you don't remember when you first learned to talk or anything like that. It's just so ingrained in you. And I never realized hula was difficult 'til I [CHUCKLES] tried to teach it to somebody. And I couldn't understand why they-they just couldn't do this. You know? [CHUCKLES]

With hula, it was a way of life. We didn't think you didn' You know, you didn't think you didn't go to hula after school. Because it was--the family always sang and danced. We used to wait in the back room. They'd throw all the kids in the back room. We used to wait until we were grown up enough to stay in the front room. [CHUCKLES] But they'd always, you know, call. Come out. And we'd sing or dance. Or whatever we were supposed to do. And then back in the other room again. With the other kids. But it was wonderful!

MAILE LOO: Was Auntie Helen your first hula teacher, then?


MAILE LOO: So how old were you when you started?

LEI BECKER FURTADO: As soon as I came down here. I guess I had to be five or six. Which is a good age--to start, because you really...pick up faster. And I-I loved it! It was fun.

MAILE LOO: What do you remember about how she taught you?

LEI BECKER FURTADO: I don't remember how she taught me. I think standing in the back for openers, so I would get used to the rhythm. I know for one thing, my mama told me, that I had no sense of rhythm when I was little. And take hula and you really had-learned a great sense of rhythm from that.

Professional Hula Experiences:
Clip currently under production.

Brief info:
Lexington Hotel Hawaiian Room, New York City
Nalani Kele Polynesian Revue, Las Vegas
"Kini Popo Show," Hawai`i
Numerous other productions

Motivation for Dancing:
Clip currently under production.

Brief info:
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