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Hale Pulelehua
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Hula Lineage:
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Rose Kuamo`o

Comments on Own Hula Training:
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First Hula Memory:
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Rhea Akoi
Keaukaha, 2001
In this clip, Auntie Rhea shares her first memories of hula as a young girl in Keaukaha.
Length: 2:08

RHEA AKOI: When we were about eight years old and went to Rose Kuamo`o's; eight, nine years old. Going with uh, Rose Kuamo`o to her studio. She had a studio in town. That's when I-I saw it done for the first time.

I used to know that when we lived here in Keaukaha ... and sometimes the old Model T's used to pass by with all of these people dressed in yellow and red, and capes. And we used to run in the house because we were so scared. We didn't know that that was a parade. With people dressed ... In capes like that. There were these old cars, you know. And we were so scared. I wasn't the only one afraid. I remember my sister being afraid. These old cars, you know, coming by, um ... and all these people with the, uh, the head ... with yellow and yellow capes and what not.

NONA BEAMER: Oh, must have been Hale O Nš Ali`i or uh, Ka`ahumanu Society.

RHEA AKOI: `Ae, we used to be so scared. Real fr-really frightened. And uh, because they were playing music, we hadn't heard that either. You know. Even at church, we never played with the `ukulele or that kind of uh, that kind of music. Like `Anapau or- Now I recall the-you know, the `Anapau. And sometimes uh, because the cars used to go by so slowly, that one um, may be standing up and then be `ami-ing for `Anapau or- You know. After we grew up, I re ... I uh, I understood, that's what they were doing. On the cars, you know. That may be have been the uh, the first time. But we were only about four-three, four years old at that time.

Professional Hula Experiences:
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Rose Kuamo`o programs
Naniloa Hotel

Motivation for Dancing:
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Hula was fun!

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