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Hale Pulelehua
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Hula Lineage:
Clip currently under production.

Brief info:
Aunt He`eia from Punalu`u, Ka`ü
Alice Keawekäne
Joseph Kaha`ulëlio
Lilian Vincent
Ray Fonseca

Comments on Own Hula Training:
Clip currently under production.

First Hula Memory:
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Emma Kauhi
Keaukaha, 2001
In this clip, Auntie Emma shares her first memories of hula.
Length: 2:07

EMMA KAUHI: Funny thing. I never danced the hula ... we never saw any dancing until I was uh ... a teenager.

NONA BEAMER: And you saw it there in Kalapana?

EMMA KAUHI: Yeah. Well, uh, my Aunt Emma-we call her Auntie He`eia, that was her Hawaiian name. Um, Auntie He`eia was uh, was a Christian lady. And uh, they lived in Punalu`u, Ka`ü. And every once in a while, Auntie He`eia with her husband, Mom's brother, Punahoa, and their two daughters and the son, would come to Puna and spend couple of months with the family in Puna. And then they would go back to Ka`ü, to Punalu`u. And uh, Auntie He`eia was uh, uh, when they had a fundraiser for church, to raise money for the church, they would ask her to put on like skits. And so Auntie He`eia, Auntie Emma, she was good at that. And uh, so whenever they came to Ka`ü and the pe-I mean, come to Puna, and uh, when she would have to put on a concert, and we'd practice for the concert. And she used to make me dance the hula. That's the first time that I ever danced the hula.

NONA BEAMER: M-m, she taught you.

EMMA KAUHI: Yeah. But uh, it wasn't that-okay, you vamp, you `ami. It's just ... Go hula, go dance. And I'd watch the uh, older people dance. Usually when they have parties. And uh ... that's where I saw the older people dance the hula. And so I-I just imitate what I saw. And uh, that was it. That's how I learned.

NONA BEAMER: And how old were you at this time?

EMMA KAUHI: Uh, I would say I was about maybe ... Kupuna was still living, maybe nine, ten years old.

Professional Hula Experiences:
Not relevant.

Motivation for Dancing:
Clip currently under production.

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