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Hale Pulelehua
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Mother's Family: Marth Hälaulani Konanui from Kapa`ahu

Father's Family: William James Stone, from Ypsalanti, Michigan

Kaha`ikauila Punahoa and David Marshal Konanui (were Emma's foster parents, too)

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Ethnicities: Hawaiian, Caucasian

Places Lived: Kapa`ahu Village in Puna, Hilo, Honolulu, San Francisco, Paradise Park

Kalapana School (through 6th grade)
Galileo High School, California (at 53 years of age)
San Francisco Junior College
Kapi`olani Community College
University of Hawai`i

Awards &
Raised four sons
Went back to school as an adult to gain her high school diploma
Published book "He Mo`olelo No Kapa`ahu" in both Hawaiian and English at the age of 80
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